powerful inspirational quotes images

powerful inspirational quotes images

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When you need help, just look in the mirror. Nobody else will come and rescue you from your troubles as well as you can. Because at the end of the day, people can walk your path with you, but can’t walk it for you.


When you know that nothing lasts forever, including the good times, then why would you let your disappointment or sadness last forever? Cheer up, gather strength, try again, and be a fighter!


Don’t try to be someone else. A fish and an elephant cannot pass a flying test. Life has given a different question paper in its exam to everyone; focus on answering yours than copying others.


No dream is too big, or unrealistic, or stupid. Dreams are dreams and they are meant to be dreamed with faith and hope. When you dream them best and make them a part of your life, you achieve them sooner.


You might think that every increasing hurdle in front of you is a sign of stopping. It’s not. When you keep going on and turn back after a few years, you’ll see it was just a staircase after all, that you were climbing on the way to your victory and success.

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Success has a direct connection with activities in life If you want success you must do that action If you don’t, you will not have what you want So make way for things you like So that you are able to flaunt Your success in your life!


Always keep two things handy in life Your smile and your silence Smile when the situation gets grim for you And remain silent when you want to change a few Coz that will help you through Being the way you want to!


Weak people will always think of revenge Let them do what they want to Strong people do forgive in life It’s their choice to do But intelligent people will ignore in life Coz that is their way to do So choose from the above who are you!


Everything happens for a particular reason But if you sit and analyze things You won’t reach your destination So learn to let go And go with the flow Coz that will help you in life That is the true meaning to strive!


Two cures that you should always keep in mind A hearty laugh which will cure all your pain And help you to gain And a good night’s sleep This will have a cure too deep So always remember these two things!

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Life is truly short to worry about things So laugh as much as you can Don’t regret anything in life Don’t take stress for small things Just live the moment and enjoy That is the true essence of life!


Difficulties are part of life They will come in every way But what counts is your outcome You have your say To fight it all and win And to have the most amazing life After all your struggle and strive! That is the way to live!


Gratitude should be there in life As it’s like a perfect start of the day So practice it daily whenever you can It will spell for you and say By making you a better person in life Have that gratitude in you!


You are confident in your ways And you have the will So don’t hold back on things you can do Just go-ahead for that kill Coz that will take you far ahead in life Coz that will give you a reason to strive Have that will!


After every darkness in life, There comes light, which shines so bright If there is darkness in your life Wait for sunlight to come Don’t feel let down in life You good phase is just about to begin So have that will to hold And carry on with your ways!

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Your thoughts are the biggest source of inspiration in your life Your thoughts can take you in a positive direction Your thoughts can motivate you in the right way It goes without a say That your thoughts can change your life So have good thoughts in mind!


Each day is like a chance to do something bright To get a way for you to get it right Each day holds new things you want to see Each day has the power to give you glee So make the most of your time Every day and all the while! Make your day count my friend!


The past is gone so don’t think about it It’s your way to live in the present So smile and lives for the moment And you make new plans for the future Each day that you count will be new Only for you and only by you!


Your aura can do wonders for you If you have a positive aura you can go very far If you have a negative aura You will not reach the star So remain positive every while That is the true hope for life!


The more you dream big in life The more you will be able to strive For dreaming will take you one step ahead To achieve everything you want Dream big in life So that you can get what you want!

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Life is so short…but you have to make it sweet!


Life is too small to be spent alone…so find a companion!


Just be yourself…you are not here to impress people!


Smile as you look so pretty…Smile as you will make your day so wonderful!


Do what you like doing…Never spend a day without your liking!

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Life is offered once…utilize it to its potential!


Your life is the sum of all the choices that you make!


Inhale good vibes and exhale the bad vibes…It’s a bad day, not a bad life!


Happiness should not be your journey but your end destination, agree?


You can make a thought negative or positive…It’s all in your mind!

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Kindness is never wasted..No matter how small your deed is..Do good!


People do change with each moment but memories always remain the same!


Failure lies in ‘not trying’…not in your lack of success!


Your real beauty is being yourself in life!


Time is less don’t wait for things you love and want to do!

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Just turn off everything…Your TV and mobile and close your eyes…feel life!


Success comes if you strive for it…not waiting for it!


Your life is everything you feel and your thoughts make you feel!


Feel and think positive and life will turn that way!


Trust is like paper…You can’t perfect it once it’s crumpled!

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Don’t lower your goals to the level of your abilities,  Instead, raise your abilities to the height of your goals.


Hard-work is like stairs and luck is like a lift. Sometimes lift may fail but stairs will always take you to the top. Have a successful life ..!


If you really want to do something, you’ll find away.  If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.


Leadership is not about the size of your office or the title on your business card. It’s about the depth of your commitment & your passion to get things done.


Don’t see others doing better than you,  Beat your own records every day, Because success is a fight between you & yourself.


Whoever u maybe, wherever life leads u, Ur always a mom’s child, a dad’s dream, a family’s future, a friend’s heart & someone’s life!!! Be the best of it 🙂

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